PU3,5×22 Optic sight.

$ 189.00



Sight PU 3,5×22 is intended for mounting on different
types of sporting and hunting weapon. Sight may have a diameter of a slot of 25,4 (1”)
or 26,5 mm.
The sight has two handwheel with scales for making necessary corrections in vertical
and horizontal planes when zeroing in and firing.
The sight can be used under the ambient temperature from -40 to + 40 ºC and relevant
humidity not more than 93% at the temperature 25 ºC.
Magnification __________x 3,5
Field of view ___________deg 4,5º
Exit pupil _____________mm 6
Eye relief _____________mm 72
Diopter adjustment _____d -0,5 to -1
Mount diameter ________mm 25,4 (1”) or 26,5
Overall dimensions _____mm 170x42x42
Weight, maximum ______kg 0,4


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